Dojo Etiquette

Manhattan Taiko Dojo Etiquettes

Manhattan Taiko is privileged to be allowed to use and share the practice space at Teachers College under the auspices of
The Teachers College Taiko Society (TC Taiko Society).  Each year we must renew our application, provide liability
insurance and sign agreements for the use of the facility.
Please remember and act as a guest of the College. Note that we share this space with a preschool program and the room
Horace Mann 512 is designated as a peanut free space. Therefore, no food should be consumed in the Dojo.
The following guidelines apply to our Taiko Dojo and also apply to many other Taiko groups you might visit.

Drum transportation team should arrive with Taiko about 3:30 pm. Meeting outside of TC and assisting is expected.

When you are absent from practices, let us know in advance especially if you are part of the drum transportation team for the day.

Practice starts at 4 pm: Please be ready by 4 pm, finishing everything you need (change, eat, wash, etc.) to prepare yourself.

Remove shoes outside the door to the Dojo.
Bow upon entering and exiting the Dojo as a sign of respect.

Unload the Taiko along the west (Broadway) wall.

Assist with cleaning the floor before and after practice and rehearsal sessions.

Assist in placing the floor mats in front of the mirrors.

Store the carts and unused equipment neatly.

Opening Ceremony
This is the time for everyone to get together as Manhattan Taiko:
While we may belong many other groups/organizations, this time is designated for Manhattan Taiko practice. Therefore, please leave outside concern at the doorway and do not bring into the Dojo. This includes gossips and any feelings, especially negative, toward others (groups/members) that do not belong to Manhattan Taiko. They can always be picked up upon leaving the Dojo. If any concerns arise, please feel free to speak with Akiyo and/or Hiroko.

Gather in a circle, Sit seiza. Meditation, following “Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu” Which means “Thank you.” (for guiding
me) in advance.

If you have any announcements for the group, please do so in this time.

During Practice and Rehearsal
Start with warming up and end with cool down.

Assist in the positioning and repositioning of the Taiko. Use this to develop a professional stage presence.

Please listen to the instructor.

Do not lay bachi on the floor.

Use your hands to handle your bachi or Taiko not with your legs or foots.

Taiko is physically strenuous activity. Maintaining physical wellbeing is individual responsibility. Consult any medical concern with your physician before coming to practice. Following the physicians’ advice is strongly recommended.

Closing Ceremony
Gather in a circle, Sit seiza and say together the following Japanese phrase “Arigatou Gozai mashita.” Which means
“Thank you!”

Assist in stacking the floor mats.

Assist in cleaning the floor.

Check the Dojo for litter and anything that does not belong in the room.
Check the windows and air conditioner are turned off.

Bow as expression of gratitude as exiting the Dojo.

Assist in loading and transporting the Taiko.

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