Practice Guidelines

Manhattan Taiko Practice Guideline

Generally, our practice flows in the following manner each week. Please be
familiarized with the format.

Practice starts at 4 pm with meditation, unless otherwise announced.
Meditation is used for every member to get together, not only physically but also
mentally (refer to Dojo etiquette if needed). Please be ready by 4 pm.

Taiko playing would not require muscle “power,” but it requires flexibility and core
muscle strength.
Recommended outside exercise includes swimming, tennis, yoga, etc., but these are
not requirement.

Basic straight hitting of taiko.
This is when members exercise “kata (form),” rhythm, unity as a group, etc.
New members can learn these from their senior members during this time.

Focused drill
Refer to the lesson plan schedule for each week.
Drill may be led as each member has basic knowledge of the songs used.
Being able to sing “kuchi-shoga” is the start, not the destination.
Please take advantage of the senior members to catch up if you are unfamiliar with
any songs or have any questions.

Song playing
Play the songs used for the drill to see our improvement!

Performing members brush up the repertoires.
Non-performing members are welcome to stay and observe.
However, no instructions will be offered.
The observers are also welcome to “steal” technique/knowledge from the
performing members at this time 

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