Performance Guidelines

Manhattan Taiko Performance Guidelines

The below are what is expected as Manhattan Taiko performers.
Please familiarize yourselves and conduct accordingly.

Call time:
Call time is usually 1 hour before performing time. It is the time for the players to get together and clarify any
concerns prior to our performance. Check equipment, go over any questions, finalize the sets if needed, etc.
happens at this time (sometimes snacking or meal, too). Our performance is already started at this time.

Before performance:
Enter into the performing room with a bow as entering into Dojo
Check any dangerous spots on stage and correct the condition (informing the venue, Akiyo/Hiroko, etc.)
Set up taiko, stands, etc. (Equipment not used right away should be neatly placed on stage for easy access)
Place your bachi and other equipment where accessible but not interfering others

During performance:
Engage audience. SMILE!! 🙂
Move with purpose onstage. Do not roam around the stage empty-handed between the sets.
Support your team members throughout the performance:

No unnecessary noise including side conversations off-stage.

Be ready to provide replacement of bachi in case they fly or break;

Play together with “kiai” even you are not on taiko; and Have a great time with audience!

After the show:
Last bow as Manhattan Taiko
Remove our equipment quickly off-stage (taiko first, gathering your personal belongings after taiko)
Make sure we leave the area as we found it – no trash left around
Leave the performing room with a bow as Dojo
Help out to load equipment.

Thank you! Get home safe!!

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