Symbols of Taiko

Below is a reference of various symbols, syllables, and notations used in writing, teaching, and playing Taiko music

to show that tone is continuing
「  」to repeat from 「 to 」

to repeat the previous beats
スゥ (sue)rest 1/4 note (no hit)
ンガ (nga)rest 1/4, rest 1/8 notes (no hit)
スッ (suttu)rest 1/8 notes (no hit)
ス (su)rest 1/16 notes (no hit)
―ン(~~n)stretch note
太文字 (futomoji)bold, accent, hit hard
ツク (tsuku)tsukebachi (just touch bachi to the surface of Taiko)
hit with left hand
 (remember always hit with left with these letters)
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